Sherlock Holmes

The Mysterious Invitation from 221B Baker Street What makes detective novels so captivating? The complex intrigues, grand schemes, and the personal appeal of the detectives themselves constantly capture the interest of readers. Inquiring about standout detectives, there’s no doubt that Sir Authur Conan Doyle’s renowned character, Sherlock Holmes, holds a dominant position. What kind of place did this remarkable detective live in? What secrets were hidden there? In honor of this legendary detective, Tonecheer collaborates with the Conan Doyle Estate Ltd. to publish two book nook kits themed Sherlock Holmes, titled “221B Baker Street” and “Violin Detective Agency. ” Tonecheer designers have vividly recreated the street where Sherlock Holmes lived, using historical images of Baker Street. Each exquisitely crafted detail displays our profound admiration for Holmes. So why not embark on a journey to London right away, and revisit 221B Baker Street? 【221B Baker Street】 In the depths of an alley, London's traditional buildings stand tall. The porch closest to the street profoundly displays the embossed gold letters "Holmes Detective Agency." Countless cases were solved here and numerous lives were saved, leaving behind a mysterious and special atmosphere that lingers to this day. Tonecheer designers have skillfully reconstrcted the street based on real photos of Baker Street, bringing every detail to life. The second floor has been separated with wooden windows and railings. The ground floor windows are also designed to protrude, giving the detective agency a three-dimensional feel. To expand the space and depth, a full-length mirror has been installed behind the book nook, creating an illusion of more space. The great detective Sherlock Holmes, holding his pipe, is about to enter the agency, with his assistant Watson following closely behind. It looks like a moment from the original novel freezes, turning into a delicate classical oil painting. 【Violin Detective Agency】 As we step through the doors of the detective agency, the essence of 221B Baker Street is unveiled. The entrance is Sherlock Holmes' daily office space. Drinks and books are placed on cabinets; scattered briefcases and telescopes offer glimpses of the owner's casual disposition. A vintage clock ticks, and the fireplace's flames bring warmth to the detective agency. Every detail of the book nook strictly follows the true appearance of 221B Baker Street. Tonecheer designers even place a magnifying glass on the table, corresponding to Holmes' meticulous investigations. The design of the rotating staircase is also ingenious. Using the principle of visual perspective, a partially concealed spiral staircase has been thoughtfully constructed, expanding the spatial dimension of the display. The overhead celing lamp, designed to sway, further heightens the mysterious atmosphere of the detective agency. Sherlock Holmes is seen puffing on his pipe, reading the daily newspaper, while Watson descends the stairs, seemingly ready to engage in conversation with him. In the original novel, Holmes and Watson always had a seamless partnership, so we put their character figures inside both book noook kits. In that glorious classical golden age, each character and building on Baker Street possessed its unique narrative. The clues and truth would eventually unravel the fog and reveal the truth. Although the owner of 221B Baker Street has long departed, his spirit of adventure and his unique and meticulous way of thinking continue to deeply inspire readers to this day.





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