Wood assembled clock design based on laser engraving technology


1 Laser engraving technology

The laser engraving machine consists of a laser, a CNC rapid prototyping system, an image processing system and a direct CAD control system [1].

Laser engraving technology is the use of high power density focused laser beam on the surface or inside the material, so that the material vaporization or other physical changes, by controlling the laser energy, spot size, motion trajectory and speed and other parameters to make the material present the required graphic pattern [2]. In laser technology, laser engraving technology is one of them, laser engraving technology has many advantages such as good engraving quality, high efficiency, simple process, etc., more and more attention from everyone, and its engraved products are also used in many fields [3]. In recent years, with the development of laser processing technology, laser engraving technology has begun to enter people's field of vision with its advantages of low price, high efficiency and time-saving [4]. At present, laser applications mainly include 9 main categories such as material processing, communication, and data storage, and some developed countries have replaced traditional processing with laser processing and entered the era of "light processing" [5]. Laser engraving technology is often used in industrial design and product design model making, playing an important role in the product design process, and also providing an efficient and low-cost processing method for many small household product enterprises.


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